BMA Documentation

Installation Guide

The installation guide provides instructions for installing and updating BMA software.

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User Guide

The User Guide is intended for administrators using BMA GUI or REST APIs. It describes resource features, planning tasks, configuration quick start tasks, navigational tools for the Web GUI, and more support and reference information for BMA.

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RESTful API Documentation

BMA supports RESTful API.

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Kickstart Customization Guide

BMA uses kickstart files for customizing host OS settings during OS deployment. The kickstart files are based on standard syntax. This is used by the respective operating system for automated installation configuration. RHEL and Canonical Ubuntu uses plain text file called Kickstart, whereas Microsoft Windows and SUSE use XML format using names like unattended.xml, autoinst.xml etc. BMA refers all types of kickstart files as Kickstart files. Default Kickstart files are included for all supported operating systems which are capable of configuring hostname, root password, basic network configuration to ensure the host OS is accessible via the network after the successful deployment. If you need additional customizations to the OS through the kickstarts, please refer to the BMA Kickstart Customization Guide.

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