Redefining Bare-Metal Infrastructure Automation

Simplifying bare-metal servers deployment and provisioning to bring cloud-like agility, scalability and efficiency to on-premises enterprise datacenters without compromising on network security.

Our Product

BMA (Bare-Metal Automation) is API driven automation tool that simplifies the large scale deployment of OS and Firmware Updates on bare-metal servers to bring cloud-like agility, scalability and efficiency to on-premises enterprise IT infrastructure.
Modern IT needs to achieve high operational velocity, enabling the business to quickly deliver new products and services to the market. This is driving the adoption of public cloud services to migrate existing workloads, as well as launch new applications. However, not all workloads are suitable for running in the public cloud, but demand the same cloud agility, scalability and efficiency to run in on-premises infrastructure. One key challenge to this is provisioning bare-metal server infrastructure which can be time-consuming, and resource intensive. Hence, new approaches to systems management are needed in the enterprise datacenters for cloud-like experience.
RedefinIT BMA eases the complexity in bare-metal server deployment with a simplified approach to automate the OS installation and Firmware update process. It uses modern industry standard technologies and protocols for faster, reliable and secure bare-metal server provisioning. This product supports multiple vendor server hardware, operating systems and hypervisors, making it a versatile tool in the modern enterprise datacenter. BMA provides RESTful API interface to easily integrate with O&M (Orchestration and Management) tools such as Ansible, Terraform etc. for implementing complete end-to-end automation of Day-1 and Day-2 operations for bare-metal server infrastructure.

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